Feb 06 2021,07:30 AM
Souq Sharq

About Gulf Bank 642 Marathon


ستُقام النسخة السابعة من ماراثون بنك الخليج ٦٤٢ يوم السبت الموافق ٦ فبراير ٢٠٢١.

إنه أكبر حدث رياضي في الكويت ويستضيف سوق شرق "أحد أعرق مجمعات التسوق في الكويت" هذا الحدث الرائع مرة أخرى. ماراثون بنك الخليج ٦٤٢ هو سباق لكل فرد يرغب في عيش تجربة جري إستثنائية وجولة على معالم الكويت الجميلة بنفس الوقت.

وسيكون للمشاركين إمكانية الإختيار بين أربع فئات للتسجيل والمنافسة:

٥ كلم

١٠ كلم

٢١ كلم

٤٢ كلم

ماراثون بنك الخليج ٦٤٢ هو أول ماراثون يتم تنظيمه على طرقات الكويت وثلاثة من فئات السباق (١٠ كلم و٢١ كلم و٤٢ كلم) معتمدة من قبل رابطة الماراثونات الدولية وسباقات المسافات (AIMS).

وكجزء من مسؤوليتنا المجتمعية، يدعم ماراثون بنك الخليج ٦٤٢ قضية إنسانية كل عام من أجل نشر وزيادة الوعي وتشجيع التبرعات.

من العدائيين التنافسيون إلى المبتدئين وصولاً حتى العائلات، يلبي هذا الحدث رغبات الجميع. فلماذا لا تنضم إلينا في هذا الحدث الدولي وتحرك عضلات جسمك ال٦٤٢!

سجل الآن واستفد من ميزة السعر المخفض للتسجيل المبكر.


The 7th edition of the Gulf Bank 642 Marathon will take place on Saturday, the 6th of February, 2021

This is Kuwait’s largest sports event and Souq Sharq, one of Kuwait’s major shopping centres, will once again host this great event. The Gulf Bank 642 Marathon is made for every individual who wants to experience a run all while touring through the beautiful landmarks of Kuwait.

Participants will have the option of competing in one of four categories:

·  5KM

·  10KM

·  21KM

·  42KM

The Gulf Bank 642 Marathon is the first full road race to take place in Kuwait and three of the race categories (10KM, 21KM, and 42KM) are accredited by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

As part of our social responsibility, the Gulf Bank 642 Marathon supports a cause each year in order to raise awareness and to encourage donations.

From challenging athletes to beginners and even families, this event caters to everyone. So why not join us in this international event and move your 642 muscles!

Register now and get the advantage of the Early Bird pricing.


Total Participant

Category Price

Category Price  
5KM 12.000 KD Register
10KM 15.000 KD Register
21KM 19.000 KD Register
42KM 27.000 KD Register

Registration Outlets

Name Contact no. Email Address
Pro-Vision Sports Management +965 9880 0003 cs@pro-vision.com Al Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street - Al Enma Tower, 12th Floor



For anyone looking for more information on how to train or get ready for the marathon, this is your spot! Find training plans, schedule to running clubs in the area and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an annual marathon that takes place in Kuwait. It features 4 categories: 5KM, 10KM, 21KM, and 42KM.
This is the total number of muscles you will move when running the marathon.
It will take place on Saturday the 6th of February 2021 in Kuwait.
The race starts at the entrance bridge of Souq Sharq, heading towards the left and to Souq AlMubarakiya. The race ends back at Souq Sharq, ahead of the start line in front of the Cinemas
This is when race courses are measured by an accredited AIMS or IAAF course measurer.
Log on to www.gulfbank642marathon.com and click on the 'Register Now' button.
Yes you can. Just visit our office and one of our team members can help. The address is: Kuwait City, Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street, Al Enma'a Tower, Floor 12. Our office hours are 8 am to 5pm.
No you cannot. As per our official event rules and guidelines: reselling, transfering, alterating or duplicating your registration and or/bib is strictly prohibited.
Registration will close on the 4th of February 2021, or earlier if all distances are full.
You will receive a race kit which includes a tshirt, a bib number, and a bag.
Will be announced closer to the race day
11 years and above for the 5KM, 15 years and above for the 10KM, and 18 years and above for the 21KM & the 42KM.
Yes, 6 hours and 30 minutes. After this time, race officials will reopen streets to vehicular traffic one section at a time. Participants still on the course will then be required to move to the sidewalks and obey all traffic signals.
This depends on the distance you register. The longer the distance, the more you will see. Highlights would include: The Grand Mosque, Mubarakiya, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Centre and Kuwait Towers.
Yes there will be aid stations throughout the race course with water and bananas.
Yes, there will be portable bathroom units for the participants doing the 21KM and the 42KM distances.
You will be given a medal at the finish line. After that, you can enjoy the race village with family, friends, and fellow participants.
This is an area within Souq Sharq where participants can mingle and relax before and after the race. It will feature booths from vendors providing various services.
Details to be confirmed closer to the race day
They are more than welcome to wait at the race village in Souq Sharq
Yes there are. Please contact cs@pro-vision.com for more information.
You can visit the link below to find out all the information about visa processes for Kuwait: https://kuwaitvisa.com/visa-types/
Yes we do. Please get in touch with us through cs@pro-vision.com so we connect you with our Hotel partners.